A Call To All ‘Brats’

Take a look at us.

Today, one of us is CEO of a major restaurant company and the other an Army veteran, lawyer and front woman for a rock band. We were once colleagues and now friends. Combined, we attended 12 different schools in five countries and moved 15 times while we were growing up. We have no geographic hometown. Rather “home” is the many people we know, love and trust from our shared journey. Those folks may be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, highly religious or not at all. Some own guns and others abhor them. Our village includes black, white, brown, gay, straight and is multi-generational, drawn from all over the world. We are only two of the millions of proud “military brats” whose parents served in the United States Armed Forces, taught in United States Department of Defense schools or were civilians working to support troops at home or abroad.
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